The filter can releases new commercial video

Dropson is premiering. The company from Alicante has just recorded the new commercial of the filter can taking advantage of its recent change of image. Following the line of the previous spot, Dropson has once again focused on making a video demonstrating the use and operation of the product, highlighting its qualities and benefits.

As announced last June, Dropson has renewed the image of its portable water filter and packaging, evolving its image towards a more attractive and elegant visual identity, with blue as the predominant colour.


Shot in the facilities of Coquere Food Studio, a culinary space located in the heart of Elche, the new commercial not only shows the new image of the product but also its simple operation, and is that the Dropson filter can doesn´t requires installation or replacement cartridges. In three simple steps you can enjoy instant perfect water of great quality and excellent taste, forgetting to carry heavy water bottles and thus reducing the consumption of single-use plastics.



The blue colour replaces orange, the original colour of the filter, which is more characteristic and in keep with the water treatment sector. The new range of blue colours symbolises the purity, freshness and confidence that the company wishes to transmit to its customers, showing a more evolved image of the product and adapted to current times.

But it also refers to water, to the blue of the sea. Under the slogan, «In each can hides one hero of the sea«, Dropson already announced in the beginning of the summer the collaboration with the Asociación Ambiente Europeo in its project Mar Sana, which fights to reduce the negative impact of plastics on the environment and the marine ecosystem.



With Dropson having a control of your water consumption and the plastic you reduce thanks to this innovative alternative, it’s very simple. And because it’s all about control, it’s now possible to control the life of your water filter as well.

With the free mobile application, Dropson Control, you can calculate the usage time of your filter can and receive a warning when it’s time to replace the filter. With an intuitive interface, in a few minutes you can connect your new filter to your mobile device and start enjoying your filter can.

Application available for Iphone and Android.

Find out more about Dropson Control here.