Dropson lands in Italy with Green Network Store

Bottled water consumption in Italy has been growing steadily in recent years. It is one of the most touristic countries in Europe and despite having an excellent national water system, with drinking water sources all over the country, they are the largest consumers of bottled water in Europe. However, the cultural trend towards bottled water consumption is changing rapidly for economic and environmental reasons.



Italy has a multitude of drinking water sources, no matter if it is a village or a big city. Many northern cities have 100% pure mineral water. Moreover, its quality is governed under strict and continuous analysis and sanitary controls by the Ministry of Health (ASL).

Despite this, they are the first European country in terms of bottled water consumption, reaching an average of 178 liters per inhabitant per year and becoming the fourth largest producer of plastic waste globally.

The Italian government has already declared the war to the plastics in this planetary emergency, in which actions are multiplying, by the government and by industry and citizens, assuming habits that were previously unthinkable; such as taking your own cloth bag to the supermarket, using sustainable alternatives to plastic products or using a water filter for the tap.



Green Network Store is that place where you can find sustainable products and alternatives. A green e-commerce platform that allows you to buy ethical and eco-sustainable products for those who want to be an active part of a change; protect the planet and respect the environment.

The Dropson filter can makes its first appearance, becoming part of the leading green online store in Italy.

Green Network Store is the e-commerce of Green Network, one of the main operators in Italy in the electricity and gas market, present in Italy and UK.

* In addition, the Dropson filter can will soon be available on Amazon Italy.