Filter can: 10 reasons to choose Dropson water filter

Tap water is the most controlled and monitored food that exists. It is submitted to a hundreds of safety and quality checks every year. The use of a water filter is an ideal option for consuming fresh and healthy tap water thanks to the double protective barrier that the filter provides, as well as reducing the consumption of plastics caused by bottled water.

There is a wide range of water filters on the market.  From filters that are installed in the tap, filters with replacement cartridges, to filter jars or portable filters such as the Dropson filter can.


If you’re thinking about buying a domestic filtration system, Dropson gives you 10 reasons to choose its filter can:


1. Perfect water in an instant

With the Dropson filter can you get excellent quality water instantly. With a filtration rate of 1 litre per minute, faster than any filter jug, the Dropson water filter acts as a protective barrier improving the taste and smell quality of tap water.


2. High capacity

La lata Dropson tiene una capacidad estimada de 300 litros, aproximadamente unos 3 meses de agua dependiendo del consumo de cada hogar. ¿Sabías que una sola lata equivale a 200 botellas de agua de 1,5 litros de agua?

The Dropson can has an estimated capacity of 300 litres, approximately 3 months of water depending on the consumption of each household. Did you know that a single can is equivalent to 200 bottles of water of 1.5 litres of water?


3. Economical

Using the Dropson water filter will save you up to €240 per year compared to bottled water. A can has the filtration capacity of up to 300 litres of water and costs €15.99.

This calculation is based on an average cost per family of 1,200 litres per year and a cost of 0.25€ per litre of water.


4. Sustainable

The Dropson filter can is disposable and 100% recyclable. Composed of very little plastic, just the equivalent of three bottles, it can replace up to 200 bottles of water and help significantly to reduce up to 7kg of plastic waste with a single can.

An ecological and efficient alternative to reduce the environmental impact of plastic waste. Due to its large capacity and small size, it reduces transport by up to 99.98% compared to bottled water and produces 99.9% less CO2 emissions.


5. Portable

Portable and compact, this innovative filter is ideal for consuming good water on a daily basis or taking it with you to your second home or on a trip.


6. No refills nedded 

Simple and practical to use, it is the only water filter on the market that does not need replacement cartridges. Once it filters the 300 liters approximately, we will proceed to replace it with a new one.

Why doesn´t it have replacement cartridges? The cartridges are composed of granular activated carbon and ion exchange resin, the latter is a synthetic polymer used to remove minerals from water and reduce its hardness, so it is a material that contains plastic and makes it difficult its recycle. So Dropson has chosen in this first version of the filter can, to develop a water filter that respects the natural minerals of water, essential to our health, and that is disposable, sustainable and 100% recyclable. In addition, buying filter cartridges would make the product more expensive.


7. No installations

The Dropson portable water filter is very comfortable and easy to use. You don’t need to permanently install it on your faucet. All you have to do is insert it into the nozzle of your tap and filter the desired water. Once used, the protective caps are placed and stored in the refrigerator to preserve its bacteriostatic effect.


8. Natural materials

The interior of the filter is equipped with a micrometric membrane made up of natural materials: microfibres of vegetable origin, micronized activated carbon and natural bacteriostatic elements, without chemicals. Its filtration capacity is extremely effective, eliminating any chemical substance in the water, thus improving consumer safety and allowing to enhance its authentic flavor.


9. Respects minerals

Unlike other water filters, the filter can respects the natural minerals of tap water (calcium, magnesium and bicarbonate) as these are important and beneficial to health, achieving a more balanced water.


10. Don´t carry bottles anymore

With the Dropson filter can, forget about carrying heavy plastic bottles and carafes, having to take the car to buy water or waiting for your filter jug to filter the water you need at that moment. The Dropson filter is the fastest, easiest and most convenient filtration system on the market.

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