Immediate savings for your pocket and your planet

The consumption of bottled water in Spain is a habit that has not stopped growing. Colloquially referred as the blue gold, not surprisingly, considering it has become a multimillion dollar business with a turnover of almost one billion euros.

In a world where 2.1 billion people lack access to safe drinking water, in Spain we spend about one billion euros to buy it packaged, according to the latest data from the World Health Organization and UNICEF.

But, why spend so much when it’s an easy to reach, low-cost resource? Would you know how much you spend on water each year?

Spain ranks fifth worldwide in mineral water consumption, around 120 liters per capita per year, according to the National Association of Packaged Drink Water Companies (Aneabe), and produces more than 5,500 million liters of mineral water per year.




A household consumes an average of 100 litres of water per month, about 25€, calculating an average of 0.25 cents /l. It means, 300€ and 1.200 liters per year.

The Dropson filter can gives you the chance to enjoy 300 litres of top quality tap water and save up to €240 per year. With four filtering cans you have good water for you and your family all year round.

But the most important thing is not the money saving, but the plastic you avoid, the CO2 emissions in the air you reduce and in general, the environmental impact you reduce.

We need to raise awareness and learn to consume in a more sustainable way, with an industry that reinvents itself and a consumer that cares about and respects the environment.



90% of the price we pay for bottled water corresponds to the bottle. We are paying up to 5,000 times more for each liter of bottled water than we pay for tap water.

5L bottled water is cheaper than 1.5L bottles, but due to its weight, its transport is much more uncomfortable. For the same price as a bottle of water, a person could have 3,000 litres of tap water.

Moreover, its high price does not imply higher quality. Its excessive consumption is due to its generally superior taste quality. The taste of tap water may vary depending on the area or region of origin and the hardness of the water.

Bottled water also gives us the other side of the coin, its environmental impact. Without a doubt, it is one of the most damaging habits with the greatest impact on our planet. The resources for their production, transport and subsequent disposal of these single-use objects have serious consequences for our environment, causing an increase in waste and the consumption of large quantities of energy resources.

Picture: Asociación Ambiente Europeo



Faced with the need to reduce the consumption of single-use plastics, Dropson, a Spanish company specialising in the development and conception of effective and environmentally friendly water treatment solutions, has developed an innovative water filter as a sustainable alternative to the consumption of bottled water, the filter can. A filter that simply provides up to 300L of quality water directly from the tap.

With no need for replacement cartridges or installations, the Dropson can is a portable and compact filter that, thanks to its 100% natural filtering technology, eliminates color and bad smells and flavors, providing instant quality water.



The Dropson filter can offers three major environmental advantages over bottled water.

       1. Plastic reduction:

lata filtrante dropson menos plastico

With an estimated capacity of 300 litres of water and only 85g of plastic, it replaces 200 1.5L bottles and a total of 7kg of plastic.


       2. Reduction in transport:


A heavy truck is required to transport 16,600 1.5L bottles (25 tons), equivalent to about 25,000 litres of water. However, only one loading trolley is needed to transport 84 300L Dropson filter cans (9kg) equivalent to 25,000 litres of filtered water.


       3. Reduction of CO2 emissions:

lata filtrante dropson menos co2

100 heavy trucks are needed to transport 1,660,000 1.5L bottles. Instead, the same amount of water could be obtained with 8,333 Dropson cans transported in a single van.



Dropson collaborates with Asociación Ambiente Europeo through its project, Mar Sana. The partnership between the company and the NGO is a long-term collaboration with common goals; the reduction of single-use plastics and their negative impact on the environment and marine ecosystems.



The Dropson filter can is available at more than 100 physical points of sale in Spain. You can get your water filter at your nearest point of sale, find out on our map. Or if you prefer, you can buy it through our online store.

Discover a more sustainable alternative to drinking water with the Dropson filter can. A small gesture for you, a big step for the planet.