The water filter compatible with all types of faucets

The Dropson filter can is a portable, easy to use water filter that no needs any installation. It adapts easily to all types of standard nozzle faucets thanks to its flexible diaphragm. Usually, these faucets will not require an adapter.

But we can find a variety of kitchen faucets with different shapes and dimensions that make it difficult to use our water filter. If you have any of the following models, don’t worry, Dropson has a solution for you.



Some faucets have a nozzle too short or integrated in it, so you can’t insert the Dropson filter can into the faucet.

For these types of incompatible faucets, there’s a simple way to adapt them and use your Dropson can for drinking and cooking. How? We’ll tell you about it below.



Every faucet consists of 3 essential parts:

  • a flat gasket, generally in black colour.
  • a metal nozzle with thread.
  • the internal part of the atomizer, made of plastic.

The Dropson universal filter can adapter is convenient and easy to assemble, replacing the inside of your own atomiser in just a few steps.



  1. The adapter pack includes 3 pieces: a special extension atomizer (1), a flat gasket (2) and a black plastic threaded nozzle (3).
  2. Unscrew the atomizer from your faucet and remove the inner plastic part of your atomizer, keeping the flat gasket.
  3. Insert the extension atomizer (1) into the metal ring, place the flat gasket (2) as far as it will go and screw the black plastic nozzle (3) into the atomizer.
  4. Finally, put the flat gasket back inside your faucet and screw the piece assembled in point 3.
  5. Your tap is now adapted and ready to use the Dropson filter can.


If you have any questions, here is a video of the step-by-step assembly of the adapter.

The filter can includes a universal adapter in every packaging. Find out more about the Dropson can and find your nearest point of sale or order from our online shop.