Dropson filter can now available in Panama

We discovered the company H2O Filtros y Más, exclusive distributor of the Dropson filter can in Panama.


Good morning, Vanessa:

you are the representative of the Dropson brand in Panama.

What is your professional background?

Hello Dropson,

We are H2O Filtros y Más, a company formed by Vanessa Biendicho and Juan Cruz, both Industrial Engineers, with more than 20 years of professional experience in the logistic and commercial sector in the mass consumption and distribution channels in Latin America and the Caribbean.


How did you come to Dropson?

We recently decided to start in the area of entrepreneurship and it arose from the need to find affordable solutions to filter water in Panama. That is why we started in the market of refrigerator filters and water filters.

We found Dropson through an exhaustive search for water filter suppliers, who had the same values as us in terms of environmental conservation, as this filter helps to reduce the consumption of plastic bottles and CO2 emissions; in addition we found this innovative filter, easy to store and install, portable and very versatile for use in areas where the water arrives with a lot of sediment.


What is the structure of H2O Filtros y Más like?

We are a company that is in our initial stage of entrepreneurship, still in the process of organisation and growth. We are focused on the commercialisation of various mass consumption and wholesale products.

We are located in Panama City and at the moment we are offering our products in the metropolitan area.


What is your business strategy?

We currently market our products through social networks and direct distribution channels, however, we plan in different stages to cover other marketing channels nationally and internationally.


What is the situation regarding tap water in Panama?

Until a decade ago we had a rainwater network that provided us with drinkable water for human consumption, however, given the rapid population growth of our own population and foreign migration, the quality and scope of drinking water has decreased, so there has been an increase in the consumption of bottled water and the use of water filters.


Thank you very much Vanessa.

We wish you every success in your new project and hope to grow together with you.