Dropson and Ambiente Europeo launch #Basurarte Challenge, the most sustainable summer challenge

Going to the beach this summer has a prize! Dropson in collaboration with Asociación Ambiente Europeo has launched #BasurARTE Dropson Challenge, a competition that encourages you to collect microplastics, cigarette butts and small rubbish hidden in the sand in order to improve the quality of our beaches.



Spain is the second country that pours more plastic in the Mediterranean sea and the fourth one consuming plastic in the European Union.

According to the latest WWF study, plastic represents 95% of the waste floating in the Mediterranean, reaching record levels of pollution by microplastics. Every summer, the Mediterranean countries welcome 200 million tourists, who increase marine garbage in 40% and then end up on their beaches. This high concentration of waste (plastics, cigarette butts or garbage in general), is a clear threat to marine species, birds and human health.

The Spanish company Dropson in collaboration with the Asocación Ambiente Europeo, has launched #BasurARTE Dropson Challenge, the summer challenge that rewards you for doing your bit, never better said.


What is #BasurARTE Dropson Challenge?

This Challenge consists in picking up those little plastics, cigarette butts or rubbish left by the sand on our beaches. In an original and creative way, you have to create a collage with them and take a picture.

Then you have to register here, fill it with your personal details and don’t forget to attach the image. The size of the design should not be too big, approximately 30cmx30cm.

Remember to throw your artwork in the trash afterwards!

The 10 most voted images by the public will be part of the final draw for a fantastic prize.

Prize for the winner of the draw: One year of Dropson filter can (4 cans) + One 1L glass jar (Dropson CrystalDrink) + A experience box (to choose from): Three days with the family, Michelin Star Gastronomy or Outdoor Adventure) + «Basurarte» Book (Author: Gusti – Editorial: Océano Travesía)*.

*The book «Basurarte» by the writer Gusti and the publisher Océano Travesía is an excellent children’s book that teaches the youngest through its pages to create, have fun and recycle. A book with creative proposals and funny ideas where it shows you how you can build new objects through the recycling of materials from waste.

The competition will run from 12 June to 15 September.

Promotion conditions: promotion valid in Spanish territory for people over 18 years.




Sources: ANEABE, ONU, GREENPEACE, Asociación Ambiente Europeo and Head of Water Quality of Municipal Waters of Alicante.

Dropson, a Spanish company specialising in the development and conception of effective and environmentally friendly water treatment solutions, and the Asociación Ambiente Europeo, a non-profit organisation dedicated to environmental protection, have joined forces to raise awareness and look up for solutions to the worrying problem of marine waste and provide a technical solution to reduce plastic waste in marine ecosystems.


The Dropson filter can, the water filter to reduce, reuse and recycle

The innovative Dropson water filter has the capacity to filter up to 300 litres of water directly from the tap, in order to provide quality water and to reduce, in this case, plastics from water packaged in single-use plastic bottles.

An alternative that respects our environment and offers the possibility of consuming quality water, also helping to reduce the environmental impact generated by plastic waste in ecosystems.


More than a filter

The Dropson filter offers three main environmental advantages over bottled water.

1. Plastic reduction:

A single filter can provides 300L of water, the equivalent of 200 bottles of 1.5L of water and a total of 7kg of plastic.


2. Reduction of transport:

A heavy truck with 16,600 1.5L bottles (25 tons) is required to transport 25,000L of water. On the other hand, a trolley with 84 Dropson 300L (9kg) cans can produce the same amount of 25,000L of water.


3. Reduction of CO2 emissions:

The Dropson filter can transports the equivalent of 2,500,000 litres of water in a single van. 99.9% less CO2 emissions than transporting the same amount of litres in water bottles.

Next time you go to the beach, join the challenge! Take part in #BasurARTE Dropson Challenge now.