Dropson Promotes Sustainability at the ‘Comunitat Valenciana Olympic Week’


From the 15th to the 18th of February, Dropson has collaborated in the 9th edition of the ‘Comunitat Valenciana Olympic Week’. Held at the Santa Pola Yacht Club, the event stood out for its diversity of competitions and also for its environmental code of conduct. 

Santa Pola – Alicante (Spain) as a venue for sports tourism

This championship brought together all types of windsurfing, where the IQFoil class, preparatory for Paris 2024, stood out especially and the bay of Santa Pola shone as the venue for the last stage of this nautical competition.

The event became a meeting point for high-level athletes and water sports enthusiasts, reinforcing the position of the Santa Pola Yacht Club and the Iván Pastor Windsurf and WindFoil technical centre as a pillar of sports tourism and youth training in maritime sports, committed to the preservation of the marine environment.

In addition to the championship, the event was enriched with a conference on «Sustainability and IQFOIL Technology», highlighting innovation in windsurfing and underlining the importance of adopting environmentally friendly practices.

Dropson filter can

Dropson’s Commitment to Sport and the Planet

Dropson, aligned with these values, made a significant contribution to the event through its installation of Dropson filter can taps, promoting sustainable hydration among participants and reducing the use of single-use plastics. In this way, all attendees were able to refill their water bottles at all times.

Each Dropson filter can has an estimated filtration capacity of 300L of water, which is equivalent to 200 1.5L bottles and a total of 7 Kilos of plastic.

This sustainable alternative for consuming quality water thus responds to a growing demand from responsible consumers, significantly reducing the environmental impact of water consumption in single-use containers at any event, especially on marine ecosystems.