Dropson collaborates with Refeeling in the Canary Islands

Finalists of the Arucas 2023 Business Idea Contest

The Refeeling project of Andén Verde SL, official distributor of Dropson Filter Can in the Canary Islands, has been selected as one of the 3 finalists in the business ideas competition of the Arucas Empresarial 2023 event. A meeting aimed at attracting new business formulas, dynamization and recognition of local talent.

Throughout the event, the event has had the backing and support of Dropson, with the presence of our commercial director Tatiana Veselova and the president of the association Ambiente Europeo, Daniel Rolleri.

This business colloquium, included an awards ceremony and round table with the participation of the mayor of Arucas, Juan Jesús Facundo and important organizations such as Fenorte, ASEME Canarias, Asociación CoA, AJE Las Palmas, ATA Canarias and the Plataforma de Empresarios de Canarias.

Refeeling.es: Good water without plastic consumption

Refeeling is an initiative designed and implemented with Dropson technology that generates quality drinking water with sanitary guarantees. It allows the use of reusable bottles made of glass, metal or long-lasting plastics, thus avoiding single-use plastic waste. This system contributes significantly to the reduction of the environmental impact on the islands, reducing the carbon footprint of the water consumed by up to 98%.

Bearing in mind that the Canary Islands face significant challenges in not having an industry that recycles plastics of all kinds and prevents most of them from ending up, at best, in landfills, Refeeling directly addresses the problem of the use of plastic packaging, also helping to mitigate microplastic pollution in the seas.

Our visit to Arucas was also an opportunity to meet all the project’s collaborators, and to participate as speakers in an exclusive meeting thanks to Miqueas Sánchez and Ancor Sarabia, heads of Andén Verde SL and Refeeling.