Strokes for a waste free seas

9 million tonnes of plastic waste reaches the sea each year, representing 90% of the marine litter in the oceans. The need to create a movement aware of this problem is vital. Brazadas de Vida, the project of four swimmers who feel part of the sea, seeks to make it possible. Its mission is to inform about marine garbage, inspire society to be part of the solution and encourage action on real solutions. Support them in this challenge, be part of the change, be part of the Heroes of the Sea!

On September 28, four swimmers face the challenge of swimming 25km in open water, covering the distance between Puerto de Mazarrón and Torre de Cope to raise awareness of the serious problem of marine pollution, a problem of the present that affects our future.



They are Sara Ramalho, Celia Pascual, Marina Martínez and Nuria Consuegra and they form part of Brazadas de Vida, a project that arises from the initiative of these four swimmers from the Club de Natación Máster Madrid and that consists of carrying out crossings that serve to create awareness about social causes.

They wanted to take their passion for swimming in the sea beyond sports, trying to make a positive impact on society. On this occasion, they will swim for a healthy sea, highlighting the problem of marine litter and supporting the Asociación Ambiente Europeo. Its aim is to raise awareness of marine litter and inspire the world to rethink its use of plastic.


They seek to reinforce the idea of recovering the relationship with the sea, swimming in an affected area such as the Mediterranean Sea. The challenge will take place in the Regional Park Puntas de Calnegre – Cabo Cope. 25 kilometres in approximately eight hours, crossing the waters of what will be the third Marine Reserve of Fishing Interest in the Murcia Region.

During the event there will be other actions such as beach clean ups, informative talks or workshops.

You can contribute and support this challenge here.