Dropson equips the installations of Cárnicas Embuena S.L. with its water softener

Cárnicas Embuena S.L.

Cárnicas Embuena, tradition and food quality

Cárnicas Embuena S.L. (Xirivella, Valencia) is a company with more than 40 years of experience in the food industry. It currently produces and distributes its meat products nationally and internationally. Some of its best known distributors are Carrefour, El Corte Inglés, Hipercor, Consum, Eroski and Lidl.


Calcareous problems in the cooling system

Industrial process cooling systems, such as those used in the food industry, are applications where lime has a serious effect on plant performance.

At the Cárnicas Embuena facilities, the sprinklers and condenser tubes of the refrigeration system were encrusted with lime. The use of salt softeners was a heavy task for the maintenance team: continuous salt supply, repairs, etc.

Faced with this situation, the company decided to opt for a new generation of anti-lime technology. Dropson proposes an alternative and ecological solution adapted to the needs of the industrial sector.


Dropson water softener, anti-scale solution for industry

La tecnología EMI de Dropson integra un software de cálculo para seleccionar el sistema mejor adaptado a las necesidades de cada usuario. Para esta aplicación fueron seleccionados dos sistemas Dropson EMI 7500. Uno de ellos instalado en recirculación para la protección del condensador evaporativo. El otro, justo a la entrada de agua fría para proteger la producción de agua caliente sanitaria.

Dropson’s EMI technology integrates calculation software to select the system best suited to each user’s needs. Two Dropson EMI 7500 systems were selected for this application. One of them is installed in recirculation to protect the evaporative condenser. The other one, just in front of the cold water inlet to protect the production of sanitary hot water.

Both systems are accompanied by a corresponding sediment filter, installed just before the anti-scale system to keep the water free of impurities that could damage the installation.

Instalación EMI 7500 ACS

Installation of a Dropson EMI 7500 system to protect the production of sanitary hot water.

Instalación antical para condensador evaporativo

Installation of a Dropson EMI 7500 system to protect an evaporative condenser.


Notable results four months later

Four months after the installation of the Dropson water softener, the scale deposits in the pipes through which the cooling system water flows have been reduced. In addition, the spray nozzles are kept free of lime, favouring the proper functioning of the evaporative condenser and improving its performance.

On the other hand, Dropson protects the production of domestic hot water against possible production stoppages and breakdowns, and directly influences energy consumption by ensuring optimum heat exchange conditions between the primary and secondary circuits.


Minimize health risks

The evaporative condensers and the cooling towers are facilities of risk as for the proliferation of Legionella, due to the fact that in these equipments the temperature and humidity conditions are optimal for the growth of this bacterium.

Lime is another element that favours the development of Legionella. Dropson minimises health risks by preventing limescale deposits and dissolving deposits already present in the installation. This progressively reduces the environmental conditions conducive to bacterial growth.