Maintenance in pools and fountains: EMI 5000 ANTI-SCALE SYSTEM

With the arrival of the summer and the opening of the swimming pools, it is essential to make sure that our personal oasis is in optimal conditions. One of the most common challenges we face is limescale build-up. 

The presence of limescale in pools and fountains can be a real headache. In addition to affecting the appearance of the water, if it builds up on pool equipment and surfaces it can cause problems such as clogging, loss of efficiency and long-term damage.

The EMI 5000 is an advanced anti-scale system designed specifically for pools and fountains. Its innovative technology uses a low-frequency electromagnetic field to alter the ionic structure of the water, preventing the formation of scale. This means your equipment and surfaces will be protected, and you’ll enjoy a cleaner, more efficient pool.

Why is it so important to prevent limescale in your pool?

Limescale buildup can affect the quality of your pool water, leaving unsightly stains on surfaces and affecting water clarity. In addition, scale can clog the lines of pool equipment such as filters, pumps and heat exchangers. This not only reduces their efficiency, but can also lead to higher energy consumption. 

Lime scale interferes with the chemical balance of your pool, which means you will need to use more chemicals to maintain proper levels. 

What makes the EMI 5000 such a powerful choice against limescale? 

EMI (Electronic Magnetic Impact) Technology: The EMI 5000 uses a low-frequency electromagnetic field to inhibit the formation of scale. This innovative approach requires no chemicals or consumables, making it an environmentally friendly and cost-effective long-term solution.

Inhibits microalgae reproduction process: Microalgae reproduce by mitosis, making identical copies of themselves, which explains their rapid growth. EMI technology inhibits mitosis, so the microalgae are not destroyed, but cannot reproduce, which causes their disappearance from the pools.

Complete protection: Our anti-scale system protects both equipment and pool surfaces. It prevents limescale build-up in pipes, heat exchangers, filters and other components, ensuring optimal performance and long equipment life.

Easy installation and maintenance: It is easy to install and adapts to different sizes and types of pools. In addition, it does not require periodic maintenance or additional consumables, giving you long-term comfort and peace of mind.

Energy and cost savings: By preventing scale formation, the EMI 5000 helps improve the efficiency of pool equipment, resulting in lower energy consumption and reduced operating costs. Plus, by reducing the need for chemicals, you’ll be able to save on that front, too.

Compatible with other systems: The descaler can be easily combined with other water treatment systems, such as salt chlorinators or ultraviolet (UV) disinfection systems, to provide comprehensive protection and optimize your pool’s water quality.

In short, by using the EMI 5000, you will keep the water clean and crystal clear, providing a pleasant and attractive environment to enjoy with family and friends. By preventing the formation of lime scale, you ensure optimal operation of the equipment, which translates into lower energy consumption and long-term savings. 

You will be able to maintain a more stable chemical balance and reduce the amount of chemicals needed, which is beneficial for both your pocket and the environment.

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Keep your pool free of limescale and enjoy a carefree summer!