Dropson water softener, anti-scale solution for Hotel Margaréta in Hungary

Nestled on the northern shore of Lake Balaton in Balatonfüred (Hungary), Hotel Margaréta stands as a beacon of relaxation, culture, and environmental consciousness. This family-friendly haven is celebrated for its beautiful surroundings, rich historical backdrop, and commitment to providing a memorable experience for its guests. With newly renovated deluxe and superior accommodations, an in-house wellness oasis called the Dália Spa, and a culinary focus on Hungarian flavors with international twists. Hotel Margaréta also provides elegant spaces for events and conferences, catering to up to 200 guests.

Solving water hardness in installations

The need for a water treatment solution became apparent following a comprehensive renovation of the hotel’s machinery and interior equipment. Balatonfüred’s hard water presented a challenge, leading to frequent technical failures and the potential for damage. To protect its investments and ensure the longevity of its facilities, Hotel Margaréta sought a reliable, eco-friendly water treatment solution.

The decision to implement Dropson’s anti-scale system came after careful consideration of various options and feedback from establishments in Balatonfüred already using the system.

Dropson Emi 8000: Verified results after installation

Ágnes Fosthoffer, the Managing Director of Hotel Margaréta, highlighted the distributor’s professional support and the system’s cost-effective, environmentally friendly operation as key factors in their choice. Notably, the Dropson system boasts a 10-year warranty, offering both economic and environmental benefits that align with the hotel’s sustainability goals.

«Based on our experiences, the positive impact of the Dropson system was noticeable shortly after installation. Opting for Thermo-Modul, Hydrokinetic, and Dropson has been a rewarding decision» shared Ágnes Fosthoffer.

Through this partnership, Hotel Margaréta reaffirms its dedication to providing a welcoming, sustainable and high quality retreat.

The trust placed in Dropson’s EMI technology not only reflects its commitment to protecting the environment, but also enhances the guest experience, ensuring a stay free from the inconvenience of water hardness.

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