Dropson water softener chosen for a real estate project in the dominican republic

pool tropic cap cana

Pool Tropic, an extraordinary tourist real estate project located in the prestigious Cap Cana (Dominican Republic), is becoming a reference in the region thanks to its innovative conception. Just 1.4 kilometres from the beach, this complex has 40 luxurious flats, each with its own swimming pool, offering an oasis of luxury and comfort to its residents and visitors.

Water management in a resort of this magnitude, especially in the 40 individual pools, presents a considerable challenge. Cap Cana’s water is susceptible to hardness, limescale and corrosion, which can negatively affect both the quality of the water and the efficiency and durability of the pool facilities. This problem not only affects the user experience, but also means more frequent and costly maintenance.

Dropson electronic water softener against water hardness

To address this problem, Pool Tropic chose to install two Dropson EMI 7500 units in parallel to protect the domestic hot water circuits, thanks to the collaboration of our importer WaterWizard. This technologically advanced anti-scale system, characterised by its efficiency and respect for the environment, was the ideal choice for the project.

Dropson Anti-scale system

Dropson’s E.M.I. technology (Electro Magnetic Impact) ensures effective protection against limescale in every model of the anti-scale range, as well as being effective against microalgae in the case of swimming pools.

These solutions do not alter the chemical composition of the water, thus preserving its natural properties and ensuring a safe and pleasant experience for users.

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