Dropson Water Softener lands in Nordelta, Argentina

Nordelta Argentina

Located in the exclusive real estate development of Nordelta in Greater Buenos Aires (Argentina), this modern 250 m² home has been equipped with Dropson’s E.M.I (Electro Magnetic Impact) technology to prevent the formation of scale.

This urban locality, built on wetlands, is known for its high-quality urban design, which includes artificial lakes, large green areas, golf courses, and an infrastructure that offers a high standard of living, as well as being a centre for numerous commercial and social activities.

Given Nordelta’s location, the quality of the water in the house, which is supplied by a 50-metre borehole to the water table, had high levels of hardness that can cause serious problems with limescale deposits in pipes, plumbing and taps. These deposits not only compromise the efficiency and operation of water systems, but also threaten maintenance and shorten the life of infrastructure and equipment.

 Nordelta's house

Anti-scale solution with Dropson EMI 4000

Aware of these challenges, the installation of an EMI 4000 anti-scale system was chosen, relying on the experience and efficiency of ESS Energy, Dropson’s official distributor in Argentina, who was in charge of the project from conception to commissioning.

The installation was carried out in a small technical room in the house, which was previously equipped with a water filter. In addition, quick couplings were incorporated to facilitate maintenance and ensure long-lasting and efficient operation.

Benefits of implementing Dropson’s EMI 4000 system:

Effective Limescale Prevention: Dropson’s electronic anti-scale technology prevents the formation of limescale deposits, protecting the infrastructure and prolonging the life of the installations.

Improved Water Quality: The system not only protects against limescale, but also improves the quality of water flowing through the home, benefiting all users.

Reduced Maintenance Costs: With less need for corrective interventions due to limescale build-up, maintenance costs are significantly reduced.

Simple Installation and Maintenance: Thanks to its aesthetic and operational design, installation and maintenance of the EMI 4000 is quick and efficient, minimising any inconvenience to residents.

This home is already protected against scale, which is abundant in this area of Argentina, and sets a precedent for future installations in residences seeking efficient and environmentally friendly water treatment solutions.

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