Nuevo Pepico Amat soccer field in Elda bets on Dropson technology

A Dropson EMI 9000 has recently been installed in the A.C.S. facilities of Elda’s NEW PEPICO AMAT Municipal Stadium.

The football stadium opened in September 2012, with an area of 22,000m2 and a capacity for 4000 spectators, also has karate rooms, physical maintenance, table tennis and meeting rooms.

The Dropson system has been placed in the engine room for the hot water line, to improve the shower and washbasins, due to the problem they had with lime clogging in the plate exchanger.

The supplying company has been COMERFONSA S.L. and the installation company MEDITEC LEVANTE S.L.

Thanks to the installation of the Dropson water system, which crystallises the lime molecule so it does not settle inside the pipes, lime deposits have been reduced and the production of hot water has been protected against possible production stoppages and breakdowns, while improving efficiency and energy consumption.