Dr. Adelina Rodríguez Dental Clinic opts for Dropson technology

The recently opened dental clinic Dr. Adelina Rodríguez Alarcón is a dental specialty center located in Catral, Alicante.

On this occasion, there wasn’t any real problem of lime obstruction, but considering the geographical location of the clinic and the need for continuous and demanding maintenance of the mechanical instrumentation used in this sector, the clinic opted for Dropson technology in order to prevent and protect all equipment and work systems.

Dental chair: it is anatomical and has built-in mechanical instruments. It has the aspirator, the lamp and the water-air syringe, which is used to clean areas of the patient’s mouth using water and also compressed air to dry.

  Rotary instruments: turbine, counter-angle and handpiece.

Wet vacuum systems: in these systems no air-liquid separators are placed in the dental equipment, and both liquids and air are diverted to the vacuum system. In this system, the suction motor runs dry, but the device itself has an air-water separator, which is more efficient than the one usually used in dental equipment, ensuring that no liquid reaches the motor. The liquids are sent to a drain in the machine room.


Installation of a Dropson EMI 2500 descaler

On this occasion an EMI 2500 was installed together with a sediment filter prior to the descaler to keep the water free of suspended solids that could damage and negatively affect its performance.

The installation company was SERVITEJ, specialists in sanitary technical service.

Thanks to the installation of the Dropson anti-limescale system, the material and the working systems are protected against future lime deposits, preventing accumulations and obstructions on the working materials.

The Dropson decalcifier not only avoids the lime incrustation, also dissolves it progressively in existing installations.

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