Dropson and Ecodrop Vietnam Strengthen Strategic Ties

Tuyết Trần Thị Bạch, the representative from ECODROP, our exclusive importer in Vietnam and the ASEAN markets (Association of Southeast Asian Nations), visits our headquarters in Spain.

Throughout the day, we’ve had the chance to discuss topics related to domestic water treatment and water purification in Southeast Asia, with a particular focus on Vietnam.

A Tour of Dropson’s Facilities

Furthermore, we conducted a comprehensive tour of Dropson‘s various facilities, from our labs and manufacturing units to our logistics hubs and offices.

This tour allowed the ECODROP representative to become even more acquainted with the cutting-edge technology and innovative processes that Dropson has incorporated into its daily operations. From the research and development labs to the production and logistics areas, Tuyết Trần Thị Bạch was able to witness firsthand Dropson’s dedication to quality and excellence.

Ongoing R&D in Water Treatment

The main purpose of this meeting was to identify opportunities and, from Dropson’s perspective, to begin the development of new products and innovative applications in water treatment for Vietnam.

This comprehensive visit further solidifies our alliance and commitment to providing consistent and effective solutions to our international clients, emphasizing innovation, technology, and environmental stewardship.