The Moroccan hotel sector opts for the Dropson water softener and renewable energies

Casatherm, the distributor of the Dropson water softener in Morocco, has been selling air-conditioning and sanitary hot water equipment for 40 years. Located in Casablanca, it offers to its clients a great experience in energy services, especially in thermodynamic circuits with solar energy.

In Morocco, energy efficiency and savings are the main motivation for plant renovation, due to the high cost of non-renewable energy sources and their environmental impact.

Casatherm has its own consulting office for studio offices, installers and distributors. They offer advice in solar thermal energy, central heating, pumping and plumbing, among other sectors of activity.


The 4 keys of the energy efficiency

Energy efficiency and sustainability are Casatherm’s two basic principles. For this reason, four essential factors are taken into account in all its installations in relation to the use of water to achieve optimum performance: consumption, time, water quality and pressure.


1. Water consumption

This is the most important factor, because only by reducing water consumption with flow control mechanisms can you save between 10% and 50% of energy.

Adapting each installation to the consumption we have, without oversizing it, also saves on investment in material, whether tanks, boilers, solar collectors, etc..


2. Time

In addition to flow control, it is convenient to regulate the time of water use by of automatic timer mechanisms.


3. Water quality

Water quality is another element to take into account because it affects heat exchange systems and increases the energy bill.

3 mm of lime between the heat exchange system and the mains water causes an energy over consumption of up to 30%.

For this reason, avoiding limescale deposits in the installation favours its optimum performance and avoids excessive energy consumption.


4. Pressure

The control of the pressure groups allows the automatic starting and stopping of the pumps as well as the adjustment of the pressure according to the demand.

This ensures reliable operation and high performance of the booster sets, resulting in significant savings on electricity bills.

The pressure regulation also allows the water flow rate to be limited according to the application to protect the circuits.

3D infographics of an installation made by Casatherm


Dropson water softener, Casatherm´s bet

Casatherm has always been committed to new generation, efficient and environmentally responsible products. The EMI technology of the Dropson water softener shares this philosophy with the Maghrebi company.

Dropson anti-limescale systems protect installations from limescale deposits, thus ensuring proper operation of the installation and considerable energy and economic savings.

The Dropson descaler improves the conditions of heat exchange between circuits and extends the life of lime sensitive elements.

Calionic is the brand of Dropson in Morocco


Installations size

All of the above factors influence the size of the system. However, a good calculation is needed to guarantee the supply of energy demand and to avoid additional costs.

To ensure the correct performance of water treatment systems, it is essential to carry out a personalised study and calculation adapted to the needs of each user.

Dropson’s professional calculation software selects the most suitable systems for each application, depending on the flow rate and hardness of the water. It is approved by the Ministry of Industry and adapted to the HS4 standard (Water supply of the Technical Building Code).


References in the hotel sector

Two of the most luxurious hotels in Marrakech have chosen Dropson systems to protect their facilities and achieve maximum performance in an efficient and sustainable manner.


Les Ambassadeurs

This 4 star hotel is located in the heart of Gueliz, known as the «European Quarter» or «New Town» of Marrakech.

The complex has 139 rooms and suites of different categories, as well as 43 apartments with a traditional and elegant atmosphere, suitable for both tourist stays and business trips. The hotel has an outdoor swimming pool, spa centre and restaurant.


Riad Ennakhil & Spa

It is a 5 star hotel with 10 hectares of vegetation and exceptional views of the High Atlas Mountains.

Located at the gates of the famous Marrakech palm grove, its facilities include a spa centre and conference rooms for meetings and events.

Dropson limescale protection systems protect pipes and fittings against limescale and corrosion, as well as centralised DHW production systems, which in this case use solar thermal energy.

Dropson’s electronic water softener technology protects both hotels facilities, which operate at full capacity without unplanned production stoppages or costly maintenance.