Dropson Present at PinaConstruye

In an ongoing effort to bring innovation and efficiency on a global scale, Dropson, a leader in next-generation water treatment systems, is proud to announce its recent participation in the third edition of PinaConstruye, a construction fair held in Pinamar, Argentina. This exciting collaboration was made possible through a partnership with our distinguished distributor, ESS Energy.

PinaConstruye is an influential event that gathers over 40 exhibitors to explore and discuss investments in the construction sector. From training sessions to conferences led by prominent professionals, the fair is dedicated to addressing various aspects of construction and housing, creating an optimal environment for interaction among investors, builders, suppliers, and industry professionals.

This event takes place in Pinamar, a coastal city in Argentina known for its tourist appeal and ever-expanding real estate growth. PinaConstruye attracted a diverse audience, from manufacturers to traders and individual customers, all with a shared interest in the latest trends and innovative solutions in the construction field.

Dropson’s participation in PinaConstruye marked a significant milestone in our international journey. Our system made a lasting impression on the attending audience. Despite logistical challenges, such as delays in equipment arrival due to customs procedures, the exhibition of our products, especially the EMI water softeners and Filtration Cans, garnered an exceptional response. Over 15 units were pre-booked, reflecting the positive impact and trust our products inspire in the market.

The success of PinaConstruye was made possible through the collaboration and support of ESS Energy, our esteemed distributor in the region. SS Energy Argentina is a company dedicated to environmental conservation, renewable energy, and energy efficiency.

At Dropson, our mission is to drive positive change and efficiency in water treatment. Participation in events like PinaConstruye allows us to bring our innovative solutions to diverse corners of the world and is a testament to our commitment to excellence, innovation, and sustainability.

We continue to be dedicated to offering cutting-edge water treatment solutions that enhance quality of life and respect the environment.