Dropson improves the energy efficiency of your water softener

Dropson mejora el rendimiento energético de su descalcificador

In an effort to continue developing your products and promote energy savings, Dropson has improved energy efficiency across the entire range of water softeners. In an effort to further develop its products and promote energy savings, Dropson has improved energy efficiency across the entire range of water softeners. The Dropson water softener requires only an electrical connection and its energy consumption is very low, comparable to a low-energy bulb. With the new electronic design, Dropson has reduced the power consumption of its systems in more than 30%, maintaining its original efficiency. 

Most systems act on a laminar flow of water. With the EMI (Electro Magnetic Impact) technology of the Dropson water softener, the laminar flow of the system is transformed into turbulent flow thanks to the action of the vortex effect (2).

Esquema flujo de agua laminar y turbulento

Turbulent and laminar flow

An electronic module (3) controls different magnetic field generators (4), which act directly on the turbulent flow water flow.

The association of the kinetic energy of the vortex with the magnetic impacts, of specific frequency, generates the crystallization (5) of the calcium and carbonate present in the water (1), before these are embedded in the heating elements of the installation. This prevents the formation of limescale deposits, while the non-fouling microcrystals pass through the system through taps and drains (6).

Tecnología EMI descalcificador Dropson

Functional diagram of the Dropson water softener

Dropson has achieved optimum performance and efficiency across the entire EMI range of water softeners, thanks to continuous improvements in technology and energy savings.


Professional calculation software

The key to guaranteeing the correct performance of the Dropson water softener resides in the carrying out of a prior professional study adapted to the needs of each user. For this purpose, Dropson has a calculation software approved by the Ministry of Industry and in accordance with the HS4 standard of the Technical Building Code.

Dropson’s calculation and sizing software takes into account the peak flow rate of the installations, as well as the hardness of the water, which are essential to determine the solution best adapted to each application. This is the only way to ensure the effectiveness of Dropson systems in all types of applications, whether cold water or hot water, as long as they are used within their performance curve.