Dropson electronic water softener changes its look

Nuevo diseño de los sistemas Dropson

The arrival of 2015 brings with it, changes in the new generation Dropson electronic water softener. A change of image has been made, giving to Dropson’s anti-scale systems more attractive image and offers to its customers a more dynamic and innovative style.

The new design allows a better adaptation to the humidity and high temperatures of the technical premises, as well as favouring a lighter and more laborious assembly.

The logo and the colours of the new label increase the visibility compared to the old aesthetic and give the current design of the electronic water softener a modern and elegant appearance. With this change of look, Dropson bets on a more current and simplified image for its range of anti-scale products.


GS1 Standard

The GS1 system is a global standard system that automatically identifies products, assets, locations or logistics units using barcodes. In this way, there is a correct communication of information related to these products and services between business partners.

Sistema GS1

Dropson’s anti-scale systems are standardised to this standard, which is currently a basic tool for operating logistically and commercially with suppliers and customers.

The GS1 standard is used in more than 105 countries around the world and is a tool recommended by the Spanish association of manufacturers and consumers AECOC.


Manual in twelve languages

The Dropson electronic water softener installation guides are updated in twelve different languages, as Dropson water treatment systems are available in many countries. In addition to English, French and Spanish, customers can also find your manual in Polish, Bulgarian, Russian, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian.