The Dropson antiscaling systems at the Vichy factory of L´Oréal

This multinational cosmetics company present throughout the world is one of the most prestigious French companies. It has a factory in the center of France, near Vichy, where thermal water vaporizers of its Vichy brand are manufactured, among other products.

Vichy water, whose properties are exceptional, constitutes the essence of the content of mineralizing thermal water vaporizers marketed by L’Oréal. Pumped to the surface, the water is channeled to the filling lines.

The hardness of the extracted water is such that regular maintenance of the pumps and the loading elements is required, a situation that affects the rhythm of the production line.

To fight against lime while preserving the quality of Vichy water, it was not viable to install salt softening systems, so the choice of a physical system such as the Dropson water antiscaling system was imposed.

The installation of an EMI 4000 has made it possible to reduce considerably maintenance costs while preserving the beneficial properties of Vichy water.