The Dropson water softener, an anti-scale solution at Camping Olerón in France

camping oléron loisirs

The Oléron Loisirs 4* camping is located on the french island of Oléron, on the Atlantic coast of the department of Charente-Maritime, in New Aquitaine. This camping is one of the biggest on the island with more than 300 bungalows, mobile homes and a large outdoor area including a 1200m2 water park.


Water hardness, the main problem in the area

The Oléron camping is supplied by the water network of Saintes, located on a limestone rock. The water hardness in this area is important.

The maintenance required due to the high presence of lime in the complex’s facilities has become a frequent and costly problem, a situation that has led the camping management to invest in an anti-lime solution.


Dropson electronic water softener, effective solution against limescale

After studying and performing the sizing calculation, the solution proposed by Dropson was taken. Two Dropson EMI 9000 anti-scale systems were installed to protect all the campsite’s facilities.

camping oleron antical dropson