Meeting Dropson Hungary

The Hungarian company Hydrokinetic Water Systems Kft. managed by Pusztai Zoltán, is the representative company of the Dropson brand in Hungary.


Good morning, Zoltán:

What is the origin of Hydrokinetic Water Systems Kft. and what has been your career?

Hydrokinetic Water Systems Kft. was established in 2018 with the aim of providing wide range of engineering services, especially in the field of water treatment. I graduated as mechanical engineer and I currently work as a research engineer at the University of Győr, beside directing my company.


How is the structure of Hydrokinetic Water Systems Kft.?

Our structure is very simple. We distinguish the commercial department that covers our partners in the region all over Hungary and the management and engineering department, responsible for the logistical support, as well as marketing and engineering.

We put great emphasis on the engineering department, it is important to help our customers and partners to choose the optimal solution for their problems. We´re a problem solving company.


What is your development line, your strategy?

Our strategy is as simple as our structure. We´re providing solutions. We met Dropson when we were looking for something new and innovative. We are always open for new technologies and products, that´s the only way to continue developing in the market.

Our main warehouse is located at Győr. With our partners we are covering engineering shops, online shops, we are in daily touch with many professionals and companies oriented to the water sector.

Our approach to the market can be described as: «Give your best». Dropson is the best choice when we´re talking about lime prevention, and that’s what we want to highlight to our customers. We’re not offering something, we’re offering the best.

In Hungary, lime has become a serious problem everywhere and we target those who want to get rid of it effectively and profitably, as well as remaining environmentally friendly.


How are Dropson products received by your customers?

At first it seems incredible that this «small box» will prevent the formation of limescale, so we always give to our customers a detailed presentation about everything they want to know: operating principles, applicability, advantages and disadvantages, comparisons to ion-exchange technology …

The first device was installed almost five months ago, since then we have not received any complaints. Customers are aware what are the capabilities of Dropson technology.

I firmly believe that Dropson is a viable choice when we talk about household water treatment.

Gama antical Dropson

When you talk about efficiency, you have to believe only in words?

We always have to be careful when we talk about efficiency and expected results. The water stays chemically hard, but physically no lime is formed. That is the principle that customers must understand and take into account.

Without lime crystallization it is easy to keep clean the surfaces in contact with water. To verify its effectiveness with presision, it is necessary to open the circuit, for example, by disassembling part of the installation and checking for lime deposits inside. This check can also be done by unscrewing the shower hose and checking its embedding.

For those who have used traditional softeners, is hard to realize the greatness of Dropson, and hard to convince them to change. But for those who have not used any water treatment devices, Dropson is more favourable choice than the traditional water softener, because of its small size, it does not requires maintenance, is environmentally friendly and keeps the water´s nature. This are the real reasons of its effectiveness!


Does that mean there are some references in Hungary?

Yes, definitely, we’ve got plenty! We are continuously collecting photographs about installations as a reference. The most popular model is the EMI 2500, but we are also doing some projects of complete water treatment installations in communities and hotels.

We are proud to have become the regional partner of Dropson brand and we are not just responsible for sales in Hungary, also in Slovakia and Czech Republic as well.


Thank you, Pusztai Zoltán.