A nice calculation: the key for the correct antiscale performance

Cálculo Dropson

As with all technologies, it is important to use anti-scale technology in your field. To ensure the maximum performance of any anti-scale system it is essential to make a good calculation, as well as a preliminary study to determine the correct model to your needs and applications of users.

Unfortunately, there are practices on the market that only take into account economic reasons when selecting the right system, leaving aside the effectiveness of the products. These tricky approaches cannot meet the needs of the application and propose solutions with a lower peak flow than required.

Installing a system with a lower flow rate than the approved calculation will reduce its performance and may be detrimental for the installation.

Dropson technology integrates a professional calculation method to select the right anti-scale for your needs and applications, and offers one of the most competitive solutions on the market in terms of value for money.

The calculation and sizing software of the Dropson water softener complies with the HS4 standard and takes into account the peak flow rate of each installation, thus ensuring maximum performance.


Peak flow rate

Peak flow is the maximum instantaneous flow value. It depends on the type of installation and the number of users.

There are two types of peak flow: intermittent and sustained.

– The intermittent peak flow is characteristic of homes, as water consumption varies greatly throughout the day, depending on the time zone or the people are using it.

– The sustained peak flow rate is characterized by a constant water consumption with fewer variations. It is typical of the facilities of leisure and tourism companies, such as hotels, gyms or sports centres.


Dropson calculation software

The Dropson water softener is equipped with computer-aided selection software, approved by the Ministry of Industry and complying with the HS4 standard of the Technical Building Code.

The program calculates the peak flow of your installations, a key aspect in the selection of the appropriate model.

Software de cálculo para sistema antical

Unlike other water softeners, the treatment cell is calibrated at the factory to a specific flow curve and water hardness scale. The equation between the performance of the devices and the needs of the application is solved.

This is why Dropson water softeners are extremely effective in cold water and domestic hot water applications, provided they are used within their performance curve.