Dropson France: «Our strategy is linked to the constant development and innovation»

Good morning, Arnaud Coupé:

you manage the French company ARCOMELYS, the company representing the Dropson brand in France.


What is the origin of ARCOMELYS and what has been your trajectory?

I come from the refrigeration industry, I have worked and managed for 15 years an SME manufacturing and importing specific materials for fluid handling. I therefore have a particular weakness for technique.

During a working trip I happened to know the anti-scale system developed by Dropson. Its technical principle, simple and effective, attracted me immediately.

Back at the office, I did a little more research on the lime problem and existing solutions. I realized the technical vacuum that existed, apart from the softener or chemical systems.

My visit to the Dropson factory in Spain a few weeks later convinced me.

ARCOMELYS was created to market the products and follow the innovative development of Dropson.


So you’re Dropson France?

Yes, we actually communicate more under the Dropson brand than under our own brand. This exclusive representation by ARCOMELYS-Dropson France allows our customers to have a reference of proximity, as well as greater flexibility in the access to our products.

In this way, we are responsible for ensuring the marketing of Dropson products on the French market. That involves us in the outcome and reassures our clients.


What is the structure of ARCOMELYS?

ARCOMELYS has a team of sales representatives covering the whole of France who assist their clients in the prescription and selection of the equipment offered.

We have a team in back office that manages the administrative and storage part.

The headquarters and our logistics base are located in the Parisian region, in the south of the department of Yvelines. We have a stock that allows us to respond quickly and reduce delivery times to 24 hours.


What is your line of development, your strategy?

Our development focus is linked to Dropson’s ongoing development and innovation. Its products are constantly evolving, optimizing yields and consumption.

The strategy is simple, make our solutions known to a wide audience and offer access to Dropson products in the easiest way possible.

Everyone has been affected at times by problems related to lime: individuals, communities of neighbours, hotels, the service sector, etc.

Our approach is technical. We explain the context: the lime, its formation and the problems it causes. Then we turn to our solutions.

That is why we rely on our regional partners specialising in the domestic hot water and heating industry, where our products are distributed.

Our distribution network allows access to our products throughout the country.


How are Dropson products received by your customers?

The reception is generally positive. Technically, explaining the operation of the Dropson water softener and indicating its application limits allows everyone to evaluate and understand the advantages and profitability of such a system.

Those who are disappointed by the called ‘physical’ or ‘magnetic’ systems quickly understand our technical and focus differences. The ease of installation and the compact design of Dropson systems are also a key advantage.

There is also a clear and growing awareness of the importance of ecology and energy saving. Systems that soften water and work with salt do not allow this approach.

On the other hand, visually the product is aesthetically pleasing.


Can we check the effectiveness of the system?

The effectiveness is not as evident in showing the result obtained as with the traditional salt softener.

The working principle of the Dropson descaler is based on the crystallization of the two components that make up the lime, creating a non-fouling structure. The crystals thus created are suspended in the water and will be evacuated by the water outlets.

This means that we are going to find these lime crystals at the end of the aerators, showerheads, etc. The difference with untreated water is that with Dropson, although the stains are visible, they are very easy to clean.

It must be understood that the system has been developed to combat the formation of limescale in pipes.

To check its effectiveness precisely, it is necessary to open the circuit, for example by removing part of the installation and checking if there are lime deposits inside. This revision can also be done by unscrewing the shower hose and checking its inlay.

In short, we have some years of experience and we can justify a global vision of the effectiveness of Dropson products: word of mouth and favourable opinions are multiplying.


Does that mean they have references in France?

Yes, and in very diverse applications. The largest volume of sales is to be found among individuals with the EMI 2500 model, but we are also present in communities, the tertiary sector, gyms, agriculture…

We have equipped youth residences, hotels, campsites and schools. Highlights include the facilities of the Reims Mosque and the Futuroscope amusement park, which has relied on Dropson’s EMI technology. Some of these references can be found on our blog.