ECODROP, Dropson’s exclusive distributor in Vietnam

.Good morning, Miss. Thu Nguyen.

Could you briefly introduce ECODROP? Why did ECODROP choose Dropson’s products to introduce to the Vietnam market?

Hi Dropson, I’m Thu Nguyen, a limited partner of ECODROP. I’m very pleasured to talk about our company.

ECODROP COMPANY LIMITED with the head office located in Hanoi City, Vietnam, is truly proud to be a partner of Dropson for importing and distributing exclusive products throughout Vietnam since 2019.

Let go back from beginning when we chose the path for our company, we wanted the company to be environmentally sustainable and to provide the safest solution for Vietnamese people in order to protect themselves as well as protect environment. Vietnam, especially Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are in the top of the list of the cities with water pollution. Almost 80% of the diseases in Vietnam are caused by polluted water, according to The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.

Fortunately, I had a chance to try using Dropson Filter Can, which was given from one of my parent’s friend. By trying out Dropson’s products, my family clearly noticed the superiority of the product as the water quality came out perfect and easy to bring along. It is especially eco-friendly, help with saving money and energy. Additionally, my father has been owning a company about water sewerage supply material equipment for 20 years now which made me more confident joining hands with that friend of my parent to establish ECODROP.

We spent a lot of time studying Dropson products and learned that both antiscaling system and filter can are the most advanced technology that bring out the highest quality water. Thus, we think that the products are suitable for residents use and it is one of the best ways to help protecting the environment in the near future. Therefore, we are totally confident spreading Dropson within the home market first, hoping people would trust and use our products.


What is the mission of ECODROP?

Client-centric, focuses on creating a positive experience for the customer is ECODROP’s mission:
«Every drop of clean water reaches every green heart of human».

Each customer is a unique individual that needs to be listened to, respected and cared for. Thus, we understand the need of clean water and customers’s difficulties in accessing clean water while environmental pollution is a huge issue at the moment.

Therefore, ECODROP is committed to devotedly accompanying our customers, pushing back all worries about water quality by introducing the most practical and effective products in order to protect customers’ health, optimizing costs and aiming towards a green life without plastic.


What is the structure of ECODROP?

Our structure is very simple. The commercial department covers our partners in the Vietnam region, taking care of market research and getting in touch with all customers in need. The back office and the service department are responsible for the logistic support, financing as well as marketing and servicing.


What is Dropson’s business strategy?

Our strategy is to firstly approach Vietnamese customers by choosing the most guaranteed and reliable subordinate distributors. Dropson products are the best choice for water purifying, avoiding limescale accumulation and reducing existing calcium carbonate deposits.

We offer these best solutions for our customers through 2 channels: E-commerce and Vietnamese traditional business. The priority for E-commerce is to retail filter cans on leading reputable online websites in Vietnam such as Tiki, Lazada, Amazon, Shopee… Besides, traditional business will bring both filter cans and the antiscaling system to agency levels to help bring the products to remoted areas, especially for construction, agriculture, and industrial projects that include water softener as the main product.

We hope that Dropson will develop more and more in the future and ECODROP will always be the most reliable distributor of Dropson in Vietnam.

Thank you, Thu Nguyen.