Dropson water softener, lime protection in Sajorami Beach accommodation in Cadiz

Protección contra la cal en instalaciones hoteleras

Dropson has equipped the Sajorami Beach facilities, located in Zahora beach, next to Caños de Meca (Cádiz), with its water softener. The complex has apartments, studios, cabins, bungalows, gardens and direct access to the beach. To protect your installations and your hot water production from limescale, the client has chosen the Dropson water softener technology, as this is the anti-scale system that best suits its needs and installations.


Lime in hotel facilities

Hotel installations often face problems due to the presence of lime, whether in pipes, household appliances or faucet mechanisms, because they are big installations with a continuous consumption of water. In these cases, lime can lead to breakdowns, production stoppages, overconsumption of energy and even a reduction in the performance of the installations.


Dropson EMI 8000 anti-scale

Dropson has a selection software to choose the model that best suits each need and application. In this case, a Dropson EMI 8000 system has been installed. It is essential to install a sediment filter prior to the decalcifier to keep the water free of suspended solids (soil, sand, rust, etc.) that can damage the installations and negatively affect their performance.


Improving performance and energy efficiency

Dropson’s EMI technology prevents limescale formation and progressively reduces existing scale incrustations. From the moment it is installed, the Dropson water softener protects the resort’s facilities and extends the life of appliances and taps.

Dropson is a guarantee of energy saving, as it ensures optimum heat exchange conditions in the circuits and maintains a sustained performance of the installations.

In addition, health risks at the facility have been reduced. Removing lime reduces the conditions under which certain types of bacteria, such as legionella, grow.

Hotel Sajorami Beach de Cádiz, playa de Zahora