The Dropson water softener in the largest residential complex in Algeria

Descalcificador Dropson en Bahia Center, Argelia

The Bahia Center luxury apartment complex is located in the city of Oran, on the Mediterranean coast, some 400 kilometres from the Algerian capital. The residential space consists on 4 towers of 31 floors with 120 apartments each. So far they are the tallest buildings in the country, with a height of 111 meters. They combine innovation and elegance, guaranteeing maximum comfort in each of the apartments.


Dropson water softener – Prevention technology

The innovative nature of the project has led the technical department of Bahia Center to opt for a new generation anti-scale technology to ensure the correct functioning of the installations and avoid the annoying inconveniences generated by traditional salt softeners.

Dropson anti-scale technology stands out for its ability to treat large variable flows and to guarantee optimum protection of centralised hot water production systems.

The main function of the Dropson water softener is to prevent limescale deposits in the heat exchangers in order to avoid unexpected production stoppages.


Bahia Center Towers – A new challenge successfully overcome by Dropson

The replacement of the traditional salt softener with Dropson’s anti-scale technology has enabled the user to avoid the need for a complex maintenance service, an increase in the cost of water and an irrational and disproportionate consumption of salt.

It is important to note that in a project of this size, the main objective of choosing a new generation anti-scale system is to protect the installation against limescale deposits with maximum efficiency and significantly improve its performance, while preserving the environment.

This project represents a new challenge for the Dropson water softener, which has been successfully overcome and strengthens its international position in the field of anti-scale technology.