Dropson lands at Futuroscope, the most innovative amusement park in Europe

The theme park of the future

Futuroscope is one of the first amusement park inaugurated in France. It opened its doors in 1987 and is currently one of the most important and visited in the country.

Its futuristic theme is oriented to the latest audiovisual, robotic and cinematographic technologies.

Just 10 kilometers from the city of Poitiers, there is a wide area where leisure and training coexist.


Reduce costs and facilities maintenance

Water plays an important role in attractions and animations as well as in the rest of the park’s facilities, becoming an architectural element of one of its pavilions: the Vienne Dynamic.

The continuous maintenance of the park facilities, as well as the direct and indirect costs linked to the functioning of the traditional salt softeners, led to the company to look for an effective and efficient solution against lime.

The maintance company apply for a study for the implementation of the Dropson antiscaling systems in several points of the park.

The first point to protect was the entrance of water from the kitchens. The existing softeners were replaced by two Dropson EMI 4000 systems, avoiding the periodic supply of salt, corrosion caused by sodium excess and water waste.


A large water screen

On the other hand, they wanted to protect the installation of one of the attractions in which a video is projected on a water curtain.

It is an innovative technique that allows the projection of all types of content (videos, lasers, etc.) with a high quality, as well as the creation of graphic forms, such as logos and letters, through water.


12,000 small electrovalves aligned at the top of the screen opening and closing in less than 5 milliseconds, forming water figures in 3D while a multicolored laser crosses the curtain, which flows with a flow of 60,000 l/h in a closed circuit.

The electrovalves of this singular screen were obstructed by calcareous incrustations, requiring regular maintenance of the same.

The installation of the Dropson EMI 4000 system keeps now nozzles lime-free nozzles, allowing optimal operation of the water animation.


Dropson antiscaling system, the choice of Futuroscope

After a successful trial period, Dropson descaler systems have significantly reduced maintenance and consumables costs.

Due to the high level of satisfaction from the maintenance company, several Dropsons systems have been installed in different locations in the park.