Dropson participates in Business Tools 2018, Lithuania´s largest conference for SME´s


Dropson participated last February in the Business Tools 2018 conference located in the Lithuanian city of Vilnius, the largest conference for small and medium enterprises in the country. The luxurious Vinius Grand Resort complex hosted this event on February 28th where Dropson was present through its official distributor in Lithuania, the company Absoliuta.


The success of Business Tools

Accustomed to attending conferences organized by representatives of various companies in which they share their success stories, the attendees of these events are often not reflected in their majority with these large companies. Although they are still interesting, they cannot obtain useful techniques and tools for their small and medium businesses.

Business Tools wanted to change this situation organizing the largest conference in the country aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises, where not everything is about public speaking and conveying messages, but rather a space is reserved for practice.

A conference different from what Lithuanian entrepreneurs and SME managers are used to, where participants become speakers, sharing their most practical tools with the rest and thus offering the opportunity to interact and gain new customers and partners.

The first part of the event, participants were able to listen to experts share their commercial messages and tools on the effectiveness of their activities, and the second part consisted of a WIN-WIN contact night, where participants now became the protagonists.

Among all the participants, only 30 companies had the opportunity to pitch their company, what they offer and what they are looking for, in front of more than 300 businessmen and executives who attended the event.

Potential clients and potential partners captured by the participants attention from the stage. After pitching, an hour and a half of networking session. These potential clients could easily find the company of their interest to which they were assigned a space in the large room where the Networking session was held.

Dropson was very well received for its new generation technology of Dropson physical water treatment systems, showing great interest in the stand and requesting information about the product.