Hotel Hvide Hus in Denmark bets on Dropson anti-scale system

Hotel Hvide Hus, Dinamarca

The Hvide Hus Hotel is a four-star hotel located 100 metres from the beach of Køge Bay, only 1.5 km from the centre of the medieval town and just 45 km from the Danish capital, Copenhagen.

Hotel Hvide Hus en Koge, Dinamarca


Dropson present on the Danish market

The hotel has exceptional facilities with 128 fully renovated rooms, gym, sauna, golf course, restaurant and an open-air terrace with panoramic views of the bay.

Interior instalaciones hoteleras


Køge and its concern about water hardness

In this region the water in the network is extremely hard. The high degree of hardness of the water, more than 40ºfH, generates constant problems and breakdowns in the hotel’s facilities, which translates into a bad image for the company.

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Although Denmark is an oil-producing country, the cost of energy is relatively high. With excess lime between the heat exchangers and the water, it would be necessary to use more energy to heat the same amount of water than if they were free of lime.


Dropson electronic water softener, an innovative and ecological alternative

The persistent lime problems, the maintenance of the installations and the energy consumption became a real headache for the manager.

Aware of this, it tried to find innovative alternatives to solve the problems of functioning of the systems and reduce the high cost of the energy bill.

Dropson, carried out a technical study to evaluate the needs of the hotel and to dimension the devices adapted to this application.

Two Dropson EMI 9000 systems were installed in parallel with a high performance sediment filter by the hotel maintenance service.


Results, after one year of start-up

Within a year of installing the systems, the hotel’s manager and technicians were fully satisfied with the performance of the Dropson anti-scale system. The complex has seen the significant benefits of our electronic water softener.

Since then, the heat exchangers have been working properly and the lime problems in bathtubs and taps have disappeared.

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As a result, cleaning and maintenance of the hotel became easier. In addition, the cost of maintaining and operating the facilities has been significantly reduced.