Dropson anti scale systems comply with ACS French sanitary regulations

Descalcificador Dropson cumple la normativa sanitaria francesa

The Health Surveillance Certification (Attestation de Conformité Sanitaire) is a sanitary regulation that became mandatory in France since December 24, 2006. It was issued by the Directorate General of Health and applies to the equipment materials in direct contact with the water intended for domestic consumption, as well as the accessories of the devices.

In order to reduce the amount of toxic substances present in the water, this certificate was created by the decree of May 29, 1997. The applicable criteria are included in the French standard AFNOR XP P41-250, Part 1-3.

The ACS can only be issued by a laboratory accredited by the French Ministry of Health.


Dropson – ACS Obtaining

According to this regulation, Dropson has obtained the ACS certification in its entire range of anti scale products, to guarantee the safety of the materials used and to protect the health of its consumers.

Dropson anti scale systems are manufactured with high quality stainless steel. The treatment cells of our electronic water softener are 316L stainless steel, according to the food standard. All the materials used in the assembly comply with the composition rules established in the  installations set for the production, treatment and distribution of water destined for human consumption.

In addition to these regulations, Dropson anti scale systems have the Danish regulations Godkendt Til Drikkevand.