Water softener: 10 reasons to choose Dropson

Descalcificador: las 10 razones para elegir Dropson

Many questions can arise when choosing the right water softener, because in the water treatment sector we find systems that differ greatly one from another.

¿Do you need to protect your installation against lime?
Do you want to extend the useful life of your appliances and faucets?
Are you looking for a system that helps you save money and time?
Do you also want it to be an ecological alternative to the salt water softener?

If you answered «yes», these ten points will solve all your doubts. The Dropson water softener’s EMI technology offers optimum performance and its advantages over traditional water softener make it an innovative and extraordinarily efficient system.


1.  Avoids water waste

One of the major drawbacks of the salt water softener is the large volume of water that it discards with each regeneration of resins:

  • Up to 200 litres of water per regeneration.
  • This process is carried out between 4 and 7 times a month.
  • Water consumption increases and, as a consequence, the bill.

The Dropson water softener, on the other hand, is a physical system that avoids the overconsumption of water:

  • It does not perform any regeneration of the resins.
  • It does not waste water.


2.  Protects your installation against corrosion

The classic water softener discards water with high levels of sodium, a very corrosive element. The effects are not immediate; however, in the medium and long term corrosion can damage your boiler, your appliances and your pipes.

Dropson systems protect installations, hot water circuits, appliances and pipes from corrosion right from the start.

  • Dropson does not modify the chemical composition of the water.
  • It does not produce any salt waste.
  • The sodium level remains unchanged, prevents accelerated corrosion.
  • It favors the optimal operation of the installation.


3.  Forget about maintenance

A traditional household water softener needs ongoing maintenance with checks that need to be performed frequently:

  • Add salt and check the level every moth.
  • Analyze the hardness of the water.
  • Sanitize the equipment annually.

The Dropson decalcifier does not need maintenance:

  • It does not use any type of consumable.
  • Limits disassembly and unexpected repairs.


4.  Control your expenses

The salt decalcifier is widespread in the market but this system entails very high costs, both for the bags of salt you need every month and for the water you waste.

On the other hand, a physical treatment system such as the Dropson decalcifier avoids the extra cost generated by chemical systems with respect to their use and maintenance.

5.  Save energy

The lime deposited between the heat exchange system and the mains water considerably increases energy consumption, breakdowns and production stoppages.

Dropson is an economic system because:

  • Its electricity consumption is very low, like that of a low-energy bulb.
  • It ensures optimal thermal exchange conditions between the primary and secondary circuits.
  • It improves the performance of the installations.
  • Reduces energy bills.


6.  Extends the useful life of the mechanisms

Thanks to its operating principle, the Dropson antiscale creates microcrystals with a non-embedding structure. This prevents limescale from adhering to pipes, heat exchangers in household appliances and taps. The lime is evacuated through taps and drains.

  • Prevents incrustations and flow losses in nozzles and diffusers.
  • Increases the useful life of sprinkler systems and solenoid valves.
  • The mechanisms do not block and work correctly: taps, showers, atomizers…
  • Protects the heating elements of household appliances.


7.  Easy installation

The Dropson antiscale system is very comfortable and easy to install:

  • Occupies very little space.
  • It does not need a connection to the drain.
  • It only needs an electrical connection.
  • It is installed quickly and easily at the general cold water inlet or just after the pressure boosting system.
  • Accompanied by a sediment filter it prevents certain substances from clogging or damaging the installation.


8.  Minimizes health risks

Bacteria such as legionella proliferate under certain circumstances:

  • Lime incrustations.
  • Stagnant hot water.
  • Accumulation of sediments.
  • Water temperature between 20 and 45ºC.

Dropson is a safe system as it reduces the health risks of spreading bacteria.

  • Reduces the biotope of legionella, gradually eliminating calcareous deposits.
  • It avoids its future appearance.
  • The installation of a sediment filter prior to the decalcifier eliminates the impurities present in the water.


9.  Respects the environment

Dropson systems are environmentally friendly: they do not generate any kind of chemical or salt rejection. This advantage, combined with energy savings, makes the Dropson water softener an eco-friendly solution: the best ecological alternative to the traditional water softener.


10.  Preserves the original properties of water

While chemical systems alter the composition of water, the physical treatment developed by Dropson does not modify its original properties:

  • Respects the potability of water. Sodium levels comply with European and Spanish regulations.
  • Its treatment cell is made of food-grade 316L stainless steel.
  • Dropson has a sanitary certification (ACS) approved by the French Ministry of Health.
  • Dropson complies with the Danish Godkendt Til Drikkevand standard for drinking water treatment, the most restrictive in Europe.

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