The anti-scaling solution for pools, ponds and fountains

Limescale control in semi open circuits

The Dropson EMI 5000 range has been designed to protect the ciurcuit, mechanisms, pumps, exchangers and regulators of semi open circuits. The new generation Dropson antiscaling systems are environmentally friendly and maintenance free, without salt, chemical products or reject water.


A cleaner swimming pool

Water from swimming pools constantly evaporates. This water loss must be compensated to maintain the same volumen. The levels of calcium carbonate concentrate. The flotation lines of the swimming pool are extremely exposed to form limescale fouling.

Dropson prevents limescale formation on the overlay and swimming pool components such as tiles, mosaics, liners, skimmers or drains. The Dropson treatment facilitates the tasks of keeping the swimming pool clean and reduces the use of cleaning products.

A healthier swimming pool

Limescale formation in swimming pools is key in the proliferation of biofilm and bacteria.

A continuos maintenance with chemical products must be undertakento alleviate these effects.

Dropson controls limescale formation in swimming pools and allows a decrease in chemical product use. The water is less aggresive for bathing.


A less expensive swimming pool

Limescae affects the pool heater´s performance, as it is an excelent thermal insultator.

A formation of limescale 3 mm thick between the heat exchanger system and the water feed will increase energy consumption 30%.

Dropson guarantees the greatest energy efficiency. It maintains optimal conditions of thermal exchange avoiding limescale fouling.

Ponds and fountains full of life

The Dropson antiscaling systems are ecological and enviromentally friendly. They do not alter the water potabily.

Dropson is compatible with acuatic life. The treatment is siutable for controlling limescale and microalgae.

No maintenance is needed, nor salt. No reject water is formed. The energy consumption is very low, similar to that of an energy-efficient lightbulb.