The new way of treating water

In a changing world, companies and technologies must constantly adapt to surroundings in perpetual motion.

The field of water treatment is no exception to this evolution. We cannot face the challenges of today with the yesterday’s solutions.

To respond to the new market demands, our company develops, conceives and manufactures new generation water treatment technologies.



Dropson is a company created in 2001 by a spanish and french team with experience in the field of water treatment, as well as thermal and fluid engineering.

Our factory is based in Spain. Focused on export, we are present in many countries.

We are specialists in the conception and manufacture of new generation water treatment. Innovation, efficiency and respect for the environment are the leitmotiv of our company.


Inspired by the rain

Nature is an endless source of inspiration for technology designers.

Our slogan, “Inspired by the rain”, is an allegory on the phenomenon of
calcium carbonate (limescale) disolution by the rain.

Our technology imitates these mechanisms based on the modification of the water’s calcium carbonic balance to avoid the formation of limescale.