Dropson electronic water softener equips Dialprix water mist systems

Dropson en el supermercado Dialprix

Dropson has equipped a water mist system with its electronic water softener in one of the centres of the Dialprix supermarket chain. This system is used in the fishmonger’s section to keep food fresh and in good condition. The electronic water softener Dropson now equips the facilities of the Dialprix supermarket in Gandia. This chain has a total of 92 centres distributed throughout the provinces of Alicante, Valencia, Murcia and the Canary Islands.


Keep food fresh

Water misting systems installed in supermarkets are used to keep food fresh and the right humidity level.

Nebulization is a process that transforms water into very fine particles in suspension. In this way the water sprays the food through a system of pipes and nozzles. This technique has more and more applications, both residential and professional, and is used to cool, remove odors or provide moisture.

Instalación antical con nebulizadores de agua


Installation of a Dropson EMI 2500 water softener

The misting system (1) installed in the Dialprix supermarket in Gandia consists of a high pressure pump (2) at the water inlet, followed by two sediment filters (3) installed before and after the Dropson electronic water softener (4) (model EMI 2500). The filters are 20 and 5 microns respectively.

Dropson recommends the installation of a sediment filter prior to the anti-scale system. The filter prevents the installations from being filled with silicon or other suspended deposits, keeping the water clean of impurities.

A second filter has been installed after the Dropson decalcifier to ensure better filtration and cleaning of the water that reaches the food through stainless steel nozzles.

In addition, a water treatment and disinfection system using ultraviolet (UV) light (5) has been incorporated to prevent bacteriological problems, such as the spread of legionella.


The solution to clogged nozzles

The main problem with the Dialprix misting system was the lime in the installation. Limescale deposits were obstructing the nozzles through which the water flows, blocking the system.

Thanks to the installation of the Dropson electronic anti-scale system, the supermarket has solved the lime problems affecting the nozzles and, therefore, the maintenance of the fish.

El descalcificador Dropson no solo evita la incrustación de la cal, sino que además disuelve progresivamente la cal ya existente en las instalaciones.

The Dropson descaler not only prevents limescale, also progressively dissolves existing limescale in the installations.