Dropson electronic water softener arrives in Lithuanian grande cuisine

Tecnología antical en restaurantes

The signature cuisine and new technologies in water treatment are merged in the new and latest project by the Lithuanian chef Liutauras Ceprackas. A modern restaurant in Vilnius with Dropson’s EMI (Electro Magnetic Impact) technology, a solution suitable for residential and professional applications.


Professional chef and TV presenter

Ceprackas graduated from the famous «Le Cordon Bleu» school in Mexico, has worked in Michelin star restaurants in London and Spain.

The chef works for several Lithuanian TV channels, BTV and LNK TV. He has participated in television projects such as «Hell´s Kitchen» and has also served as a jury member in a cooking competition («Flavor»).


Gastronomika Restaurant – Vilnius

The Gastronomika restaurant is a place located in the Lithuanian city of Vilnius, capital of the country. It is a modern, luxurious and elegant culinary studio, equipped with an «intelligent kitchen». It is also a place for the exhibition of works by Lithuanian artists.

The kitchen studio, inaugurated last February, also combines modern cuisine with the new generation technology of Dropson’s physical water treatment systems.

To prevent limescale and corrosion in his restaurant facilities, the Lithuanian chef has turned to Dropson’s anti-scale technology. The Gastronomika restaurant has an electronic Dropson EMI 4000 water softener installed.


Drinking water quality certifications

The Danish Godkendt Til Drikkevand standard is one of the strictest with regard to the optimum conditions for drinking water treatment systems. Dropson meets the criteria and requirements for drinking water quality, as it has a treatment cell made of food-grade 316L stainless steel.

Normativa danesa sobre agua potable

Dropson also has a sanitary certification (ACS) in all its range of anti-lime systems for the production of sanitary hot water, approved by the French Ministry of Health.

The physical treatment of EMI (Electro Magnetic Impact) does not alter the potability of the water. The water treated with Dropson retains its original properties and is suitable for human consumption.