Dropson electronic water softener minimises the health risks of legionella

Dropson reduce los riesgos sanitarios de la Legionela

Legionella is a major concern for many companies such as gyms and hotels, where the continued use of hot water promotes the spread of this bacteria. To prevent the spread of this bacterium, it is important to implement measures to prevent water stagnation, organic matter accumulation and the temperature at which the bacterium develops.

One of the measures most recommended by experts in sanitary hot water is the installation of a system that eliminates limescale, thus minimizing the spread of legionella bacteria.

The Dropson electronic water softener is a new generation anti-scale system which, by a physical water treatment, prevents the formation of limescale and removes existing scale. This reduces the biotope of Legionella and limits the risks.


¿What is Legionella?

Legionella (Legionella Pneumophila) is a bacterium that lives and grows in natural aquatic environments and can even spread to hot water supply systems.

This bacterium requires a number of conditions to develop and multiply, which can even cause Legionnaire’s disease when a certain dose is reached.


Optimal conditions for bacterial growth

Legionella bacteria live, develop and spread under certain conditions:

  • Water temperature between 20 and 45ºC. Below 20ºC the bacteria are in a latent state and after 45ºC they stop multiplying. The optimum growth temperature is 35-37ºC, which is precisely the average human body temperature.
  • The accumulation of organic matter (biofilm, iron oxides or sludge) is a source of nutrients for the bacteria. This accumulation, together with stagnant water, constitutes the perfect biological environment or ecosystem for the bacteria.
  • Lime incrustations are a major parameter for bacterial growth, as they serve as a defense against disinfectants.


Legionnaire´s disease

Legionnaires’ disease is a disease that can manifest itself as a lung infection with high fever. This disease is caused by the inhalation of small drops of water (aerosols), which easily reach the respiratory tract. These drops can be generated, for example, by spraying the water. That is why taps and showers are one of the main routes of transmission.


Installations with risk propagation

All individual and community water facilities can be a source of legionella, but especially those where hot water is stored in tanks, from where water is distributed through a network of pipes to taps and showers.

Instalaciones hoteleras y deportivas

These are hazardous facilities because they can allow the survival and development of the bacteria in the tanks. They also emit aerosols through taps, showers or whirlpool baths. For this reason, the risk of legionella proliferation in community facilities is greater and requires proper maintenance.

On the other hand, systems such as boilers or instantaneous heaters do not pose any risk, since the production of hot water is immediate, without a tank where the water accumulates.


Remove limescale to fight legionella

The installation of a Dropson electronic water softener in the installations is indicated to fight against the proliferation of legionella. This prevents limescale deposits and at the same time dissolves existing deposits in the system and in the storage tanks.

The decrease in lime deposits has a direct impact on the prevention of Legionella disease, as it gradually reduces the biotope of the bacteria, i.e. the ecosystem in which it develops.

Dropson EMI 4000 aplicación residencialThe installation of the Dropson water softener is therefore an essential preventive measure for those installations, especially community ones, where the use of hot water is continuous. This is the case of residential complexes, hotels or gyms, where one of the main objectives is to limit health risks.


The Dropson electronic water softener requires no maintenance

Traditional salt water softeners require regular maintenance and disinfection of the resin deposits, as they promote the growth of the bacteria.

On the other hand, the Dropson anti-scale system does not require any sanitary maintenance, does not use any type of resin and has a 316L stainless steel treatment cell, in accordance with food regulations.

The Dropson electronic water softener is a complementary aid for the hygiene of your installations, although it does not replace the sanitary protocols imposed by public organizations.


Dropson extends the service life of its installations

The Dropson water softener is a guarantee for the useful life of your systems and accumulators, as it does not use salt like traditional water softeners, a source of accelerated corrosion of the installations. That’s why Dropson guarantees the proper functioning of taps and aerators.

Grifo de ducha

It is also advisable to install a sediment filter before installing the Dropson electronic water softener. This prevents the system from being loaded with silicon or other suspended particles. These particles can plug certain parts of the plant, cause corrosion or damage the recirculators in the recycling circuits.