Frequently Asked Questions

This is a selection of the most frequently asked questions that users of the filter can do. If you can´t find your answer, ask us by filling out the contact form.

How do I prepare the Dropson filter can for its first use?

The Dropson can does not need installation or refill cartridges. Just remove the protective caps, discard the security ring and insert the can into the tap. Before using the can for the first time, leave 2 liters of water without consuming to set-up the filter and achieve the optimum filtration capacity of the system.

Can I use my can in any tap?

The Dropson water filter can easily and directly adapt to most standard taps (round nozzle) with its flexible diaphragm. Includes an adapter for standard short nozzle taps.

¿Can I use my Dropson can with other liquids, apart from water?

No. The Dropson water filtration system is designed to filter only tap water, according to World Health Organization (WHO) criteria. The filter should not be used with microbiotic contaminated water or from unknown sources.

Can I filter hot water?

No. The Dropson can is not designed for use with hot water, manufacturing materials could deteriorate.

What is the ideal water flow to obtain the highest quality? How do I calculate?

The Dropson can filters up to 1 liter of water per minute with exceptional quality. With this flow, the maximum filtering performance is obtained by electroadsorption.

It is recommended not to exceed 1.5 liters per minute to avoid loss of system performance, the speed of the water passing through the filter has a direct effect on its quality:

1 liter / minute: excellent quality.
2 liters / minute: good quality.
3 liters / minute: acceptable quality.

To calculate a flow rate of 1l / min, you only need a glass of water.
1 cup = 0.2 l
5 glasses = 1 l

To obtain highest quality water, regulate the tap until you fill a glass of water in approximately 12 seconds. Between 6 and 12 seconds to obtain water of good quality.

What do I do if I can´t calculate exactly the water flow rate?

If it is not possible to calculate with certainty a flow rate of 1 l / min, it will be enough to open the tap and regulate it until you obtain a homogeneous and transparent water flow, without splashing.

Do I have to hold the can with my hand while I use it?

It is advisable to hold the can during its use, if the optimum water flow is exceeded it, the can could fall.

How can I remove it from the tap after use?

After use, remove the can from the tap by tilting it slightly, not forcing the silicone gasket.

After each use, never shake the can to remove the excess water, the internal membrane could tear and small black microparticles could come out through the inlet and outlet holes. In this case, there is no need to worry, the microparticles are part of the membrane, but to avoid internal wear of the can, it is advisable not to shake it

It is preferable to place the protective caps with some water, than shake the can and air enters inside. If air enters into the can, in its next use and with the pressure of the water, the can could get out of the tap. In addition, air is more susceptible to contain bacterias and contaminate the interior, while water, not yet filtered and containing chlorine, does not allow bacterias proliferation.

What is the best way to store my Dropson filter can?

Ideally, keep the can in the refrigerator or in a cool place. In this way, optimal conditions are guaranteed prolonging the bacteriostatic effect of the filter. Never store the can in the freezer or in direct sunlight.

How long can I use a Dropson can?

The term of the Dropson water filter depends on the quality of the water and the consumption. Its capacity is approximately 300L. To guarantee optimum performance, the can must be replaced after 3 months from the first moment the water passes through the filter. If you notice a change in the taste of the water, you should replace it with a new one. Download our free app for Android and Apple, Dropson Control, and control the time of use of your filter can. Monitor its status and you will receive an alert when it needs to be replaced.

Has the Dropson filter can expiration date?

Properly stored, the Dropson can can last up to 2 years without opening. Adequate storage is characterized by being at a temperature between 1 ° C and 40 ° C, without being directly exposed to light or a source of heat, while the can is kept with the lids closed and without having removed the ring.

What materials are used to make the Dropson can?

Only with biomaterials and with recyclable and food-grade plastics. The Dropson can is equipped with a micrometric filter of extremely effective proprietary technology and composed of vegetal-based microfibres, activated carbon powder and natural bacteriostatic elements, without chemicals.

Does the water filtered preserve its natural minerals?

The Dropson filter respects the natural minerals of the tap water to achieve a more balanced water and eliminates contaminants such as chlorine, chemicals, heavy metals, pesticides, etc.

Why is the Dropson can good for the environment?

Because it helps to reduce the consumption of plastic bottles and contains very little plastic, only the equivalent of three bottles. It is an effective sustainable alternative to reduce the environmental impact of plastic waste, especially in the marine ecosystem.

Can I save money using my Dropson can?

A single Dropson can can filter up to 300 liters of water in optimal conditions, achieving savings of up to 240€ per year in bottled water.

Calculation estimated according to an average expenditure per family of 1,200 liters per year and a cost of 0.25 € per liter of water.

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