The recyclable can for filtering water without contributing to the increase of plastic waste

The national press and online media have echoed the lastest innovation in domestic water treatment: the filter can developed by Dropson. The news of the new spanish invention has been well received by the media and main communication channels specialised in the water, innovation and entrepreneurship sector, showing interest in the product and in the company.


Plug & Play water filter

A portable water filter in the form of a soda can, with a filtering capacity of up to 300 litres instantly. With no installation or need for replacement cartridges, the Dropson water filter is able to offer high quality water ideal for drinking, hydration or cooking.


Simple and convenient to use, just remove the caps (1), discard the locking ring (2) and insert the can into the tap (3). Once the desired water has been filtered, the protective covers are replaced and stored in the refrigerator.

Fits almost in all types of taps with the included adapter. The Dropson can has an estimated durability of approximately three months, depending on the water consumption of each household.

Savings for families and less impact on the environment

The Dropson filter is the result of three years of reserach and innovation at the service of the environment and family savings.

Located in Santa Pola, Dropson is composed of a Spanish-French team with more than 15 years of experience in the latest generation water treatment industry.

Developed and patented internationally, the Dropson filter can is manufactured entirely in Spain and is exported to several countries.

Its low price and high filtration capacity are making it increasingly popular with users.

In Spain it is already available in more than 200 points of sale throughout the country and is also available through online sales platforms.


Excellent filtration capacity by biomaterials

The Dropson filter can uses 100% natural filtering technology with biomaterials. It consists of a micrometric membrane based on vegetable microfibres, micronised activated carbon and natural and chemical-free bacteriostatic elements. At the rate of one litre per minute, it transforms tap water into high quality table water and respects the mineralisation necessary for proper hydration.

Sustainable alternative

The filter can reduces and avoids the consumption of bottled water, becoming a sustainable alternative that helps to reduce the impact of plastic waste in the ecosystem.


Designed with bio materials and food-grade and recyclable plastics, this innovation of only 85 grams of plastic has the capacity to replace the contents of 200 bottles of 1.5 liter of water, 7 kilos of plastic waste and reduce CO2 emissions from transport by up to 99.98%.

The Dropson filter is portable, ideal for taking it on holiday or to a second home, disposable and 100% recyclable. With the can you help to reduce the negative impact of plastics on the environment and the marine ecosystem.




Visit the official DROPSON website here!